Monday, October 24, 2011

You want cozy?

The temps are starting to fall, especially at night.  I have been concerned about my little outside kitties, they normally have been able to get under the house to stay nice and cozy.  Last winter  however had the experience of skunks getting under the house to cozy up with each other!  We do not want to go thru that again, so we have dutifully blocked all the possible entrances to the crawl space.  That leaves the cats outside, in the cold.  Now they could head for the barn with the other animals, and, hey, there are even mice there that they could munch on.  But they haven't yet figured that out.

I ran across a pattern for a knitted, then felted cat bed, and that is where the last 3 days have gone!  I have lots of yarn that is worsted wt, and in either colors or textures that just haven't lent themselves to garments for anyone to wear.  I pulled out the scratchy yarn and the ugly yarn (6 skeins in all) and my size 15 needles.  (I felt like I was knitting with tree trunks!)  Three days later I bound off, and here you go....

There are 3 pillows in there, I wanted to check and make sure that the shaping was correct, cause, well, I kind of made up the top part.

Here you go!  After 3 trips thru the washer, hot and soapy, agitation, cold agitation, hot and soapy agitation, cold agitation......  well you get the idea.  Normally that would make me cringe, but this time I did it on purpose.  The bed will have to dry for 24 hours before I can present it to the kitties.  I may take it to weaving tomorrow and see what they think of it. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled knitting program, the shawl, and a little Christmas knitting.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. That is one cool cat bed, lucky kitties! How did your washer lint collector do with this project?

  2. What a clever idea!!! Can't wait to hear what the kitties think of it.

  3. While I was reading your post, Weftie jumped up on the desk and said, "Meeeee, too! I want one!"