Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Potato Chip Weaving

I have had the Studio Rug loom set up to go for quite some time now.  I had even woven the header!  Weaving for the fall show had really taken over all my weaving time.

Some months ago, my oldest daughter brought over some fabric balls that she wanted to weave up into a rag rug.  She had tried a crochet rug with them but was not happy with the results.  I asked her if I could please weave them up, and she said that as long as she could have the rug afterwards, I was welcome to do it.

Her Sister (Graphic Design) had helped her put them in a pleasing color order so I decided to follow the numbers.  One by one, I reach for them and weave them in, overlapping a bit with the old color.

Here are the first few balls,  ooh, that looks nice, what is next.  ( We are having company tonight, must walk away from the loom!)  Just one more, then I will stop.

There now, the loom is weaving wonderfully!  Let's just do a few picks of this next color.  Now, doesn't that look nice.  Maybe just one more, I will only do a couple of picks I promise!

Must walk away from the loom!  Really I must!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. So lovely! And, isn't it nice to just weave for YOU!!!

  2. Lovely! Like the color combinations

  3. LOL, I totally understand the need for just one more row.