Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On the Cloth Beam!

This is an unusual sight for me.  Even though I have woven dozens of these blankets, I am usually working against a deadline, and I don't get more than 2 blankets on at a time.  This is a total of 4 blankets on the 45 inch Leclerc Mira.

I have just finished the last Baby Blue Blanket in the Kings Flower Pattern, and have turned my attention to the other loom that has the Cat Tracks and Snail Trails pattern on it.  I, as is my MO had finished Rebecca's Blanket last week and cut it off.  I tied right back on, but wanted to finish the above blankets first before I  switched patterns.  I was looking in my little basket that I have beside each loom and I had about 6 bobbins remaining loaded with copper.  I have had a request for another copper blanket from my youngest daughter.  I had done one for her but that was before my "pre-washing of the weft color" days, post wash it was ruined by the color bleeding.  I decided that I needed to replace that one before I continued my production weaving.

Here it is,  I am really flying with my weaving now that I have laid aside the temple.  I finished the last 20 inches of the blue and busted out all 50 inches of this one, all in one work day.
This is the reverse side of the pattern.  My daughter is adopting from Ethiopia, and they have decided to go for siblings.  The next blanket I will do for her will be in Parakeet, but the pattern will be a star pattern that we have picked out, so I can't weave it until I get all my weaving done for the fall show in Knoxville.

Cat Tracks and Snail Trails in the above mentioned color, Parakeet. (one of my favorites!)

Now that I have finished the Copper Blanket for my daughter, I will switch to the Baby Blue and Pink, do a couple each, then I think I will branch out into some other colors that have worked well:  Purple, Parakeet, Navy, and yes even Red.  My confidence has been bolstered with the washing success of Rebecca's blanket.

I hope to see both clothbeams bulging by the end of next week, and none to soon, the mock-up for the fall show is will be the following week.  That means I will have to have a nice representation of the blankets ready to display.

Friday is usually a work day for me, but this week, I will be going to the Museum of Appalachia with some friends!  I am so excited about it, and I plan to blog about it on Friday over on Loomy Tunes.  Be sure to check it out.

That's all for now, it is time to go feed the chickens, goats and dog.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. WOW!!!! You've been busy. I can't wait to see the star pattern you have picked out to weave!

  2. You sure have accomplished a lot!

  3. 50 inches in a day! Your feet must have been running in place and your hands a blur!

  4. How long of a warp did you put on your loom and come to think of it how wide? Love the parakeet color, very cheerful!

  5. I put 40 yards of 8/4 cotton warp, close to 40 inches in width. Both of these looms are sectional so I can really go to town when it comes to warp length.

  6. What sett did you use, and what filling? These are lovely, and my daughter is expecting our first grandchild. If you don't mind copying your answer to, I would be very grateful. Thanks, LaJean