Friday, September 16, 2011

Camping box

Dear one and I went on a 3 day 2 night camping trip this week.  We were in good company, friends from ages ago, and the weather was stupendous!

I am amazed at how much stuff it takes to camp the way I like to camp!  My poor little Rav4 was stuffed to the gills!  Dear one brought what I couldn't fit, and  had left in the living room, in his car. (We were driving up seperately.)  So we made it.

If I want to take the grandkids with up we will have to come up with a system that will allow us to use the Truck, kind of like a donkey, to haul and store most of the stuff, and the food in the Rav4, as per Park regulations. We could even keep the coolers in the cab of the truck.

I had the borrowed tent set up in no time, and one of the other husbands set up the rain tarps for me, just in case it rained.  By the time Dear one got there around 5:30, I had set up the Coleman Queen sized cot, inflated it with the handy dandy battery pump, put a couple of layers of eggshell crate and a comforter on top of that, and then sheets and our regular quilts, and the bed was made.  I put all that between us and the air mattress so that it would be a little warmer.  I had heard that an air mattress can pull heat out of you like an unheated water bed, and I had done that one!  Anyway, it was the most comfortable camping sleep I can remember, I highly recommend it!

One of the other couples, who have been camping for years, had built what I can only call a camping box.  It is a box on legs that holds all the non food cooking items you will need for your meals.  The food of course stays closed up in the car, to keep away the bears and such.

I think it is the coolest!   When you are not using it you close it up! 

I contributed a huge Chef Salad on my night to cook, it was really tasty, as most everything is when you camp.

At night, we were around the campfire making smores and such things, and just enjoying the company. 

While we were there I worked on a new pair of socks, Los Monos Locos, or Crazy Monkey Socks.

The variegated yarn really makes the pattern look more complicated than it is.  I also got to the toe on those black socks for Dear one.  I just need him to try them on to make sure before I complete them.  I had brought a few other things, but I was content with what I was working on.

I also started to reread the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis.  It has been years since I had picked them up, and I have to say that the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe was as much fun as I remembered, and a really quick read!

As we were packing up yesterday morning we felt a sprinkle or two, but not much really.  As we were pulling out however, it began to rain.  We were very thankful that we had enjoyed good weather all the way thru, even to the breaking of camp.

That is it for today, it is back to the real world for us all!!
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Knitting by the campfire sounds like a great way to spend the day....especially since it has turned off a wee bit chilly! I'm so glad you had a good time!