Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Churning out Mug Rugs

On Tuesday, I took a look at the Mug Rugs that I had already finished, that were at the center.  There were several pairs, but also several singles.  I knew that for the Fall Show we were going to want at least pairs if not sets of four.  So, I brought those poor singles home with me so that I could match them, to make happy little families.

I have several pairs of white ones here at home that will soon be added to the items at the center slated for the Show.  This week I hope to empty off this Mug Rug warp, sew them up and have them ready to take next Tuesday.  I will have a lot more than the number I promised, but that will be great!  

Next week, I will turn my attention to the Baby Blankets.  I already have three done, one in a creamy yellow called Pear, and 2 in a soft Baby Pink.  I still have the bobbins loaded to do the Baby Blue ones in the "Kings Flower" pattern, that I simply have not had a chance to do!  Then I will do some in the "Cat Tracks and Snail Trails" pattern.  After that I really think I will be ready to re-thread one of the looms for a different Overshot pattern, maybe a variation on the "Old Rose" pattern that is on the mug rugs, or maybe a star pattern.  I am not sure really, but luckily, I have hours of weaving to do before I have to make up my mind.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. You're right....we probably need more mug rugs! I may wind a warp this afternoon. How about the Tennessee Cross, again????

  2. Is your loom's apron pillow ticking? I like that look!

  3. Yes, it is! This is that little Leclerc I got this summer. She came that way.