Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A beachy thank-you gift

While we were vacationing with the kids at the beach, I asked my SIL what he thought his parents  would prefer as a "thank you for letting us use the beach house gift", a couch throw or a rag rug.  He said that he thought a rag rug would be great!
As soon as I got home from weaving yesterday, I re-sleyed the mixed blue warp I have on the 36 Mira for a 30 inch width.  I then went and picked out my favorite spool of fabric.  It is a very light floral fabric that I thought would go well with the beach house colors.
It took me about 5 hrs to re-sley and weave this rug.  It measures on the loom 30 in x 47 in.  I haven't measured off the loom yet, I am sure it lost a bit each way, though I measure length on a loosened warp.
As I was hemming the ends, I found a threading error, that I hadn't noticed before.  I know it had to be there on the other rugs!  Maybe it was the wider spacing that made it show up, or maybe the lighter color weft.  Anyway I decided to add a warp thread all the way thru the rug.  I am being careful with the tension and I think that it will work just fine.  I also went and fixed the threading error on the loom.  I think I have enough warp left for one more rug.  I may do one of these same rugs to sell!

It is good to be home!  I have started clearing the garden,the basil is still going strong, the tomatoes are just about done, the corn is done (and the goats are loving the stalks), the watermelons were a big disappointment, but the potatoes have been great.  I still plan to have a Russet potato harvesting party, and share the harvest, I am just not sure when.   I feel like we should wait til it cools down a bit, though I may go dig up a Russet or two to check on them.  I am anxious to get it all cleared and ready for next year though.

I am looking at what I have promised for the Foothills Fall show, and I am planning out my days (86 now) to make sure I can get it all done.  I am excited about it, and ready to get behind the beater a  little more regularly, now that summer is coming to a close.  It is time!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I think his parents will love the rug! What a wonderful gift for them AND the house! And, thanks for the 86 day's not time to panic just yet!

  2. That is a lovely gift! I am sure they will appreciate it.

    Yes, the time is soon approaching! Eeekkk, I need to get things off the looms and hemmed!

  3. Beautiful rug. They will love it.

  4. I cannot imagine a more perfect gift and forget the imperfections. I have a traveling warp in my placemats - I have no idea why. It's like a naughty puppy. I tell people it's the imperfection that is my spirit in their purchase.