Friday, July 29, 2011

New Product Line

Last spring sometime, Lou Ann and I had a major fleece cleaning day.  She has said more than once that she would love to see that fleece once it is processed to spin.  So on Monday, I got an ounce of top combed from that perfectly beautiful dark brown Shetland.

My Daughter brought her camera over and we played a bit with it.  First I made little nests with it, but that made it look a little fragile and we weren't sure how that would ship.  Then, I rope braided it and made a wreath of it.  That was better but not great!  Of course I don't have those photos to show you since they are in her camera!  We decided to call it a day, and on a whim she left her camera here at the house. 

I got to thinking about how I was going to package this Top!  I did a search on Etsy, and found that almost everyone does a braid, which for hand combed Top is just not the right presentation.  Machine combed Top is very dense, almost rope like, and hand combed Top is as light as a feather and very soft.  I also noticed that anything that wasn't a braid caught my eye! 

Then I remembered that I had bought some roving a couple of years ago that was simply wrapped around a core of brown wrapping paper.  I have plenty of that, so I made my core and began to wrap.  I tried to wrap evenly up and down the core, until I ran out.  The end product, you see here, I believe is a winner!  I snapped some pictures with her camera and took it all over to my daughters house to get her opinion.  She loved it!  (These pictures I took with my camera so they are not the final views.)

 I will need a new lable, a little longer and a little wider than the usual one.  I also think I will try and see what a 2 ounce package would look like.  I can fill a normal size bobbin with 2 ounces, and when plied together the 4 ounce skein would fill a jumbo bobbin! 

There is still some work to do on this product line,  I may offer "Clean Locks" at one price, and the "Combed Top" at a different price.  That would leave the "waste" wool to sell for felting, or stuffing.  Nothing goes to waste! 

This is a bit of a trial run to see how I might be able to sell some of the 15 clean fleeces I have in the studio.  I will spin some myself, but really there is not enought time in the day to spin all 15!

Until next time, Happy Creating, Tina


  1. Ok, then. Since I am not a spinner, so the
    terminology might as well be greak. Sounds interesting. I think the end product looks good.

  2. It's just too bad that people can't touch that's heavenly soft!