Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Tuesday!

Tuesday was an interesting day.  We had all three cars broken down, or semi broken down, (the truck with no rear view mirrors and one car with a muffler issue, the last really was undriveable).  So there was the shuttling of cars to do.  I was thankfully able to ring up Lou Ann to see if I could ride to weaving with her, but I was still unsure about what part I would play in the great car swap off.

  There was also the few hours we are on duty with the grandkids on Tuesday, I generally take Monday, but sometimes I am called upon to do Tuesday as well if Hubby is tied up with something else.  After a few calls back and forth it was decided that LA would drop me off at my daughters, while Hubby was dropped off by a friend to pick up the now fixed car.  Then we could take the kids swimming.  Great sounds like we have a plan!

Then the phone rings, my new hay guy is cutting today, can I pick up my 30 bales tonight?  You must understand that when you find a local hay guy, you must do everything in your power to keep him!  The price for his hay is half of what I am paying at the local feed store.  So of course I said yes I would be there!  Remember that my Truck doesn't have any rear view mirrors, (the last one fell off while they were fixing the 02 censor)  The kids are in the swimming pool, and my Hubby had a meeting that night, and won't be able to help me.  Can you say STRESS!

I ended up borrowing a small truck from my SIL, and picking up the hay 10  bales at a time and stacking them in the barn up to the rafters all by myself, all 30 of them, at around 70lb each.  At times I felt like I was on the biggest loser show and I needed Gillian to be screaming at me to not give up, and that I could do it!  I finally finished up at around 10pm, just about the same time that Hubby drove in the drive way.

I got into the shower,  I got a bowl of cereal for dinner, and I posted the Tuesday edition of the Loomy Tunes blog.  The shower felt great, the cereal was perfect and knowing that I had 30 bales of hay out there in the barn felt the best!


Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. What a day you had. Yes at least the nice thing is that you do have the hay. Humm. Wonder about how long that will last?

  2. Sometimes I think that is what women do best....we just shift from Plan A to Plan B, C, D...etc.... It works that way with our weaving, too!

  3. Geez, you're like a five foot tall Super Woman. I can't even imagine you stacking all that hay alone!