Saturday, July 9, 2011


The tent has been borrowed and the car is packed, the tomatoes are staked and the blackberries picked.  The animals fed and the  neighbor is coming this evening and tomorrow morning to do the chores.  All because, in a few minutes we are going camping!  This first time it will only be an overnight stay, and we will be with good friends that have camped for years.  We don't have far to drive really, only 45 minutes or so to the Great Smokey Mountains! 

We have always wanted to take more advantage of our proximity to this natural wonder, and this may be a way to do that.   I am hopeful that this will be the kind of thing that we can do frequently during the warm summer months with the grandbabies.  We will see.  I am taking the camera so stay tuned for some first camping trip pics!

For those of you who posted in the comments over on Loomy Tunes, concerned about our sleeping arrangements, I will have an air mattress, two layers of eggshell, and a comforter, and sheets between me and the tent floor!  We are bringing our own pillows and a comforter for a cover.  So I have tried to make it as homey as I can for Hubby, who hasn't camped much at all.

I will report back Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Until next time, be Happy Campers, Tina


  1. You're starting Hubby out in grand fashion. I bet that he'll love it, and maybe one of the grandkids will join you next time!!!!