Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just some pics!

This is what is taking the bulk of my time!  We need rain!!!!!!!!
Some mornings I let the goats out to graze.  Being careful not to let them get near the picture above!
Wally went to a new home last week, and he is loving it.  Now that I have only one dog I have a chance to work with her, and Scout is enjoying her new duties as cow herder and goat guard.  I can't let her off the leash with the goats though, she is still way to mouthy with them, but with my neighbors calves she does fine.
Seriously!  I think Snickers, the tan one on the right is going to go first don't you.  I have been seeing the outline of little legs along her side lately.

Mopsie is on the left, and she is Snickers mom. 

This am I got more corn planted, and put some waste hay around the tomatoes to help keep them comfortable in this dry heat!  The waste hay was full of little goat berries too, so I think the tomatoes will be happy!

That is it for today, I will let you know when we get any babies!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Wow! Snickers is about to burst! Hopefully it won't be long now. I can't wait to see the kids!!

    Your garden is looking wonderful. I love that barn!


  2. That garden is looking great!!! You'll be knee deep in squash and cukes before you know it! I just can't believe there are NO kids yet!

  3. Well, it is just too hot to have those kids right now. I guess I missed what happen to Wally.

  4. Nothing bad happened, I just found him a better situation, without a crazy dog to drive him insane! He is an inside pup now and they love him, and he loves them.

  5. Whoa! Your garden is much larger than mine! And I forgot to plant zucchini!