Friday, June 3, 2011

From the Past!

Carol gave me a box of old magazines that she had gone thru and cut out all the articles she was interested in.  She told me that there were a bunch of spinning and knitting articles as well that I might be interested in.
I have found several articles of interest.  One is about the dollars and cents of the whole business.  Another was about using Pennyroyal to clean fleeces and how clean and soft the wool was instead of dry and brittle.  Another was about how to dress the distaff with flax.  I could go on!  I found a couple of the adds interesting as well, I could swear that I saw a room sized "hand"spindle, but now I can't find it to show you!  There were also the adds presenting new products.  Products that we take for granted every day, like the Schaht Baby Wolf.  It has been fun going thru them slowly in the evenings while the TV is on.  I am about half way thru the box right now, if I find another picture of that room sized spindle I will post it!
I have finished the second skein of the silver Romney fleece that I have been salvaging from my old ways of scouring.   It has in fact yielded some pretty good yarn, plus a ton of fiber for felting or stuffing as well.  So it is not a complete loss at all.  This skein is 560yds and is lighter in color than the first skein.  It is also a much smoother yarn.  I think it all comes down to the prep work.  The combing took out alot of the short dark fibers that were left in the carded skein, and it is also a worsted prep rather than woolen.

I picked up some Eucalan wool wash at my local yarn store.  I have been reading about how it puts back some of the nice oils that are stripped away in the initial cleaning of the fleece.  It also has some
lovely scents that act as a natural protection against
insects.  It takes very little, 1tsp per gallon of warm water, a nice long soak and no rinsing.  The yarns are nice and soft, and there is just a hint of grapefruit, or eucalyptus or even lavendar.  Just lovely!   I have been thinking about using it instead of spinning oil as I comb the locks, mostly because it is a leave in and I won't have to worry about washing the oils out so that they don't spoil or harden.  It will also smell really nice!

I just this week finished my first real skein of linen. 200yds of singles, I plan to spin more and weave up some cloth. I have spun from the distaff and from the fold, wet and dry. I am going to try spinning from a towel wrapped strick next. I want to be able to spin a consistantly fine yarn without having to deal with a tangled mess.

I have been doing some weaving as well, but I will save that for my Tuesday Weavers post, I will get right on that as soon as I finish here.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Oh my! You've been very busy! That linen is beautiful...can't wait to hear how it weaves up!

  2. I could never get the hang of spinning linen. It just didn't like me!
    I'm glad you're enjoying the old magazines. It is like going down memory lane!

  3. My mom has Handwoven's from the late '80's, and I get the same feeling looking at those hairdos and outfits. Who weaves in a dress and heels?

    Looking forward to sectional warping!