Friday, June 17, 2011


Last week I  posted a picture of my newest loom.  She is a Leclerc loom that has been in storage for many years, so there was lots of dust, but since she had been in a warehouse there really wasn't much rust.

She is missing one of her beams and I had to replace the bolts that hold the castle in place, and one of the apron rods, but other than that she is really in good shape.  Today, I took the time to put on a mug rug warp that I had hanging around the place.  Without the beams it was an interesting job, but I got it done.

It does look funny without the beams doesn't it.  I took the beam I had to Allan and Sharon, our weaving woodworkers, they are going to make me a new one!  So in only a couple of weeks I will have her weaving once again.

I changed out her treadle ties,  I can assure you they looked about as bad as this on the treadles!
Texsolv to the rescue once again!
Alice has an interesting feature.  One of her original owners Alice Pratt was a well known name amoung weavers years ago.  She was very active in the local weaving guilds.  Anyway, Alice came up with this ingenius idea of mounting a broom handle on the loom to take care of all that paper on the warp beam.  As you advance the warp you can give that roll a turn every once in awhile and there you go, no more paper getting in your way!  Thank you Alice!

I made a discovery about myself today.  I had bought some cheap packing boxes at a local store to put all the clean fleeces away and lable the boxes and all, so that I can keep track.  I just kept finding fleeces I didn't remember I had!  The total I came up with is 15 fleeces, including the one I am working on right now!  Now that doesn't count the cotton and flax that I have.  I am totally flabbergasted!  I may never have to buy another fleece again!  In the picture, most of the bigger boxes have 2 fleeces in them.

As Lou Ann told me to say,

Hello, My name is Tina and I am a fiberholic......

Until next time, Happy Weaving, and I better get Spinning, Tina


  1. We could start a recovery group, but I think we'd be like the folks from AA who meet afterwards for a drink!

  2. LOL, 15!!!!! Wow, that's a lot of fleece....

  3. It looks like a Leclerc Mira......I had one once. Nice little loom.

  4. Hilary, The sturdy frame does look like the Mira, but it is a jack loom. I thought the Mira was counterbalance.