Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taming the Wild Bobbin Winder!

Lou Ann has let me borrow this Bobbin Winder, it came with one of her loom purchases.  She isn't using it right now, and I thought that it might be something I could use to wind the pirns for my new end feed shuttles.

It has alot of extra washers and stuff on it so I took all that off.  This winder is homemade, and it has a yardage counter and everything!  I have used it before  when I was winding spools to use in sectional warping.  So I am familiar with it's problems.
1. It is loud
2. The motor wants to loosen the screws that hold it onto the board
3. It is all go right from the start, no half measures here!

I purchased these cute little rubber washers to place between the motor and the base.  Once I did that the motor was tight on the stand and did not loosen any more.  That takes care of number 2.  This also seemed to quiet the motor a little, working on number 1, but with the attatchment to mount the bobbins it is still a little noisy, and unbalanced I think.

Here is a very unexpertly wound pirn.  Be sure and notice the bit of t-shirt to make it fit on the attatchment.

I consider that it is pretty good really considering that this is what I see when the thing is in motion!  Try winding that evenly!!!!!

I even removed the attatchment and went straigh from the motor,  that took 2 bits of t-shirt.  Slight improvement but not wonderful.  It is however very fast, so I think it is time to take it with me to Weaving on Tuesday and see if Alan can work with it.  He is our fix-it guy!  I may see if we can fit it with a dimmer switch instead of the foot pedal so that the speed is variable.  That would take care of number 3!

4 wound pirns, not perfect, but quick!  It just needs a little TLC,  that's all!
Now let's go try out that shuttle!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I can only imagine that John is laughing a big ole laugh up in weaving heaven. A dimmer switch just might be the ticket!!!!

  2. Wow. That is fast. A dimmer switch may just work. Let us know how the fly shuttle works.