Friday, May 27, 2011

I think they are stuck that way!

 I took these pictures, about 2 weeks ago, of the Nigerian Dwarf does that I have on the little farm.  I was sure that by the next day there would be little goat babies running around all over the place.



And yet, they still haven't given a single sign of upcoming labor.  They are both eating like there is no tomorrow,  and I can't see any progress by looking at their rears either.  They have however begun to "bag up" as they say. 

I have begun to get a little nervous, as these goats have been known to have up to 4 kids at a time!   I could possibly, though not probably, go from 4 goats to 12, in a matter of days!  What was I thinking!  It is more probable that they will both have twins, which is still doubling my herd.  Oh, well, all for a little milk in the pail.

Stay tuned for updates as soon as something happens.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. So the male has been quite busy. Do you have a male or did you borrow one? You will have your hands full soon.

  2. when is the next full moon???? Or, take them for a bumpy walk....oh my! I thought for sure that the babies would be here by now!