Monday, April 11, 2011

Skeins about the Place!

It has taken me much longer than I expected to spin up a skein of the Romeny that I had processed some time last year.  It is much finer than anything I have spun to date. 

The sheen is great, even though it is spun in woolen fashion. This skein is 4 oz. and has 396 yds! I have barely touched this fleece. I look forward to starting the next bobbin!

I also have a cache of skeins of treated colors in 8/4 cotton ready to weave.  Though I am chickening out just a little and weaving a bunch in some of the light colors I have.

The colors are actually brighter than the picture shows.  There are three skeins on most of the pegs.  I can't even begin to tell you how many boxes of salt that represents.  I do know that it is  1 1/2 cups of salt per skein.

I began to notice that  I could tell when the salt was gone from the skein as I was rinsing.  All of a sudden the excess color would begin to come out in the rinse water.  I then thought that maybe I should just rinse with plain cold water and skip the salt!

That is what I am doing with the bright pink , called Tulip.  I am also not spending hours any more standing at the sink rinsing skeins.  Instead, I put a couple of skeins in to soak overnight and then go to bed.  In the morning I wring them out and change the water, I do that several times throughout the day.  It seems to be easier on me, and I am not using as much water as before.

When the water is clear, I wring them out one last time, and hang them up to dry out on the porch.  I bring them in at night, and put them back out when the sun no longer hits the porch full on.

I have come to think of the dye that comes off of the skeins as truly excess, I am pleased to say that  it does not diminish the original color of the yarn. 

I am on lunch break right now, I am working on the 3rd Baby Blanket in Sage and hope to finish it today, and start number 4.  I am using the loom with the Cat Tracks and Snail Trails pattern on it for these two.  I will then switch colors, I think Pear will be my next choice, though there are a couple of yellows that really would be great!  I will then do 2 blankets in each pattern, and switch colors again and keep going.  Two of each color, in each pattern should get the inventory in good shape.

When I go thru the light colors I have on hand, I know I will need to turn to those colors that are hanging up.  I am such a chicken......

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina 


  1. sounds like you might want to do a test sample....just to make sure that all is right with the dye. It will prove, one way or the other, that all your hard work has payed off.

  2. Well, the skeins look beautiful. And your spun Romney looks gorgeous.