Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Color!

Meet Sage!  I have been pretreating the red and blue colors with salt to keep them from bleeding into the natural background.  I thought I might start using some of the lighter colors that won't give me all that grief!  I think that this color will make a blanket that is good for a girl or a boy, don't you!

Several weeks ago, when we had the first load of stuff from the mountain weaver who died suddenly, I bought four 100 yd warps.  They are a fine white cotton.  They were also in garbage bags and not chained!  I chained up the first one while I was at the center in Norris.  I think there is a picture of me over on Loomy Tunes doing it.  Yesterday I began to chain up the other ones.

I opened up the garbage bag and found the end without the cross and I began to chain.  Here is what a 100yd warp looks like in the bin.  There are 196 ends to each warp, and I haven't really thought about what I will do with it.  I am hoping that in the next load there will be some cones of weft to match it.

Here are 3 tubs full, one chain per tote!  A couple of the totes are not full, I will pick up some smaller ones to transfer the chains to.
Here is the 4th tote. with the chaining in progress.  The chained part is on the left of course and the bag is on the right......... 
and in the middle is this mess!  This is exactly why I am chaining them up!  This is going to take a little time!  If I can just get thru this part the rest of the warp is lovely,  I keep saying it will be worth it!

I bought some seed potatoes yesterday and a few seeds as well,  I can't wait for things to dry out just a bit so that we can till the garden one more time! 

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. That's a whole lotta chaining going on!

  2. There were several spools of white thread that would be great weft (not warp!) that you might want to take a second look at. It could be dyed on one of our dye days.

  3. That white yarn looks soft and will make something very nice. Lots of work to get it ready. Yes, I think you will be glad to have it.