Friday, March 11, 2011

Making Progress!

I posted this morning about the results of my Color Fixing Trial on the "Loomy Tunes Blog".  You can access that blog from my blog list if you are interested in reading about it.
With the success I achieved in the trial, I felt confident to start one of my Kings Flower Couch Throws in Kentucky Cardinal.

It is sooo nice to know that I can wash with confidence!  This is a Thank you gift Throw, and the recipient had originally wanted red anyway, but I had told her that I couldn't do red!  So she will be thrilled.

Next up I will do one in a dark blue, for another thank you gift.  I really need to get these out of the way before it becomes embarrasingly late!  The husbands of these dear ladies, helped us a great deal to build our barn, they could do things we could not do on our own, and I thought it would be a good to return our thanks with a gift that they could not do.

During the color trial, it was so good to have a small loom downstairs close to the washing machine action.  It is warped up in an Overshot pattern called "Ancient Rose", from the Davison book.  I churned out many Mug Rugs while I was listening for the washer to finish.

This week my daughter and her husband celebrated their anniversary.  She asked to do a sleepover with the grandkids, at our house.  I had slept at their house at least twice, but we had never done a sleep over here at the house.  It went really well, the kids were excited about it, and so were we.  We picked them up after their naps and took them swimming.  Then we picked up a pizza and took it home, popped in a movie or two.  We even tried Coke floats, but they didn't go over to well. (too spicy!)  We were up entirely too late and we were all a bit sleepy the next day, but it was fun.

When the kids are here I ususally fix the spinning wheel so that the kids can spin them without harming the yarn than I am making.  Well this time I forgot, and my grandson made some fantastic Art Yarn!  I don't think I could produce it if I wanted to, but I think it is fantastic, and no harm done to the yarn on the bobbin.

Lunch break is over, so I had better get back to it.  Have a great rest of the day, we have sunshine!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. The ancient rose mug rug was a big hit!!!! And, I just love the throws in red!!! So lovely! Your GS spins like I do.........

  2. Ancient rose was the pattern I used for our scarf challenge, and I really like that design. Nice yarn, Henry!