Friday, March 4, 2011

"Hired" Help

We have had some frightful storms come our way these last couple of weeks, and while the barn we just built keeps the rain from falling on the critters, it doesn't keep the rain from coming in under the walls.  It is the worst in the goat area.  We decided that we would dig a trench along the  back side of the barn and then bring it around to the goat pen and off away from the barn.

The ditch is probaly about 15 inches deep and about 8 inches wide in this upper portion with the actual french drains in.

Along the way we had a herd of helpers, especially once we got into the goat pen.  Mopsie, Snickers (behind the wheelbarrow), Tinker and Tailor, all thought that they needed to lend a helping hoof.

Tinker and Tailor had never encountered a shovel before, fascinating!

Yes, there was dirt in the wheelbarrow!

While this may seem like a gratuitous butt shot (sorry Snickers), I was only wanting to show you the drain channel going thru the goat pen and away from the barn!

Rain is in the forcast for tomorrow, so we will see if more ditches are in order for next week.  I think we will have to go all the way around the barn when it is all said and done!  We also got a load of wood chips so that the dogs won't be in the mud anymore.

It has not been all digging and dirt for me this week .  I am doing some cleaning and organizing inthe studio and I am trying to do at least a mug rug a day to add to Carol's stash for the Fiber Festival coming up in April.  Here is one in Black and Parakeet, on of my favorite blues!

That is it for me today, Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Goats are very curious,aren't they???? Your french drain will get a workout this weekend. I've got my fingers crossed that this is the solution!

  2. Aren't they just wonderful? All that tech support! Hope the new drain works!

  3. Goats, always so helpful. I know DH isn't always appreciative of their attention when he's working, or should I say attempting to do so...
    Hope the drainage ditch helps!