Monday, March 7, 2011


This morning I was filling the dishtub to do the Breakfast dishes when I happened to look out the window and see, a Robin, a Red Headed Linnett and a Bluebird all at the same time.  It reminded me that I needed to put some seed out for the birds.  Instead of trying to remember to do that later, I turned off the water and gave them some seed right there and then.  Check that off!  ( even though it wasn't on my list today!)

I have a rather large list of  To Do's today.  There are my usuals, Spin some yarn each day, for example.  Here is todays progress shot.

This grey Romney wool is spinning up much finer than the Black Shetland, and it has a brighter shine to it too.  The yarn being finer is taking much longer to spin, but I don't worry about that I just spin a good bit each day, don't worry if I miss a day for some reason, and dream about what I will make with it.

I got the wheel all ready for the next couple of days spinning.  This time, I took the batt of carded fiber, rolled it up so as to have parallel fibers and I began to draft it into this long roving.  I then loaded it onto the distaff.  I think it looks pretty! Check that off!

Then it was time to weave the mug rug for the day.  With this one it makes 7 that I can hem up tonight and take to Carol tomorrow.  Check that off!

Tomorrow we will be having a very unusual day at Tuesday Weavers.  The next two items that I had to check off are related to the big day we have planned.  I will give nothing away except to say that you don't want to miss the Loomy Tunes blog post tomorrow evening!

Tubs emptied and ready to load in the morning, I didn't forget the inkle loom for Joyce this time and the triangle shawl that I forgot last week is in there somewhere!  Check that off!

Hang out garbage bags to dry.  What!  That's right I said hang out garbage bags to dry.  I have to take these tomorrow and they accidently got left out in the rain.  Moisture is a big no no in this case so here they are drying out for me to take tomorrow.  Check!

Along with all this I am conducting an experiment with different washing methods, to prevent the unwanted transfer of color from dark to light cotton warp,  I posted about that last Friday on Teusday Weavers.  Next Friday I will post my results, complete with pictures!  It is taking days to do this wash testing, I am glad I have a few more!

I also need to hem and wash two blankets that I have finished and I may even be able to rethread the edges on my Kings Flower pattern, but that my be pushing it!
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Our to-do list keeps us on track (most of the time!) I love the shot of the distaff...WOW!

  2. The wheel looks great all dressed up! I just knew you would give it a good home!

    Whew, you are making me tired with all you have gotten done. I have been stuck at home with a sick child but I am getting ready now to head to the studio. Maybe I can check some things done today, too, besides laundry!