Monday, February 7, 2011

Up Early!!!

Yesterday afternoon before the Super Bowl, we hung the three doors and put the boards on them.  Then we dug out the last two post holes and got the posts in place and cemented in.  We then called it a day!

Today I was up bright and early, like 4 am!  Not because I couldn't sleep, but because a skunk had decided to come calling under the house!  We turned on some loud music and put the speakers facing the floor, that usually runs them off.  There was no going back to sleep, we will need to find where they are getting in and fix it!

 It is amazing what you can get done when you get up at 4 am.  It is now, 10:30 am, early before the sun was even up, I washed the Teal handspun that I finish plying last night, and hung it up to dry.  It is well over 1000 yds of fingering wt. 

     I have also done the usual  outside chores and then I have moved all the feed over from the shed to the barn.  I figured out very quickly that the hay was not going to fit in the feed room, there just wasn't enough room.  I pondered on that a minute and decided to use the smaller of the goat pens for hay, I can hang the hay rack right there on the wall, for easy access.  The other slightly larger pen that was going to be for the milking stand, I will use for the quiet zone, and I can put the milking stand  right by the Dutch Door, much better lighting anyway and it will also be close to the storage in the front area of the barn, where I will have things I will need like meds or milking supplies. ( I am on the lookout for some old Kitchen cabinets upper and lower that are about 4 feet in length for the storage)  Sometimes you just have to be flexible. 

After that I added hardware to the gates we mounted yesterday, and took down the 2x4 supports on the posts we put in as well.  I then did a little clean up, gathering all the different feeders that were in or near the shed and taking them to the feed room. 

Now I am ready for a snack!  I may even get to do some weaving today before I babysit.  I wonder if I remember how!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. So sorry about the skunks...February is their breeding season, ya know!!! They were just looking for a cozy place to....... But, hey, the yarn looks beautiful, and the barn is getting ready for some boarders!

  2. It IS amazing what one an do early in the morning. The yarn looks lovely.