Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skunk Trapping

Night before last we were just heading for bed when all bedlam broke loose under the house.  I thought about going to my Daughters house, but we ended up "sleeping" here.  Hubby slept fine, but I was unable to sleep very much at all.  Oh the stench!

First thing next morning, we called in our church family Critter Catcher.  He came out and helped us make sure we had no more gaps in the foundation that the skunks could get thru, and set 3 traps. 

One under the back porch,
and one on each side of the front porch.   He had me put the cats up so that we wouldn't be trapping them instead.
By nightfall trap one had sprung, so we were hopeful.
In the morning, we found all three traps had been sprung.  So we texted Mr. Critter Catcher, and he came out during a free period at school to pick them up.
Much to our surprise and I must say disappointment on my part, there were only 2 skunks and one big fat opposum!  Yuck!

Mr. Critter Catcher loaded these three cages into his SEDAN!  I was sure he was going to bring a truck.  He will be out this afternoon to set the traps again, hopefully we will get more skunks tonight.

Oh, and even though I it smelled a little bit skunky last night, it is nothing compared to it being under your bed, so I slept like a rock!

See you tomorrow for day 2 of the skunk trapping adventure.  Until then, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Oh, my!!!! What an adventure! They were just looking for a great new place to live....but not at your house!!!!

  2. Know what you mean. That smell is soooo bad. Hope that you catch them all.

  3. LOL, we've had to do the same thing. I do hope he's relocating them and not, you know....I rather like skunks and possums. Gene has raised two orphan possums and well, they are rather cute. I hear you about the skunk smell has got to be one of the most pungent scents in all the world.