Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday in Pictures!

When we got out the door to the barn this is what we were looking at.

This will be the Dairy area, complete with milking stand that can be used also when I need to trim hooves, and give meds.  Measures 5ft X 7ft.

This is a pen off of the main goat area that will be used for anybody that needs some peace and quiet like maybe a doe getting ready to kid or maybe to separate the kids at night when I want to milk the does in the am. Measures 5ft x 7ft.

At about lunch time we called a break for lunch and a siesta! We had done quite a bit as you will see!

You can really begin to see the actual pen take shape.  This is the dairy area, with the main goat area behind it.
The main goat area measures  6ft x 8ft.

This is the peace and quiet pen.  Now we were ready for some peace and quiet too!

After lunch and siesta, our dear friend came by to start putting up the doors he has so lovingly made!  While he was doing that we continued on, making the gates.

One of the dairy pen gates is complete and up.  It took a little longer than we expected, but we  got it up and looking good.  This pen will have a second gate.

About that time we ran out of the cut boards for the gates.  I had Hubby cut the 2x4's for some of the other gate boxes that I could put together while he cut the big boards.

Here are three gate boxes ready to hang and then put the big boards on.

It is getting colder and windier outside, and it is again 5:00pm, quitting time.  We of course didn't get done all that we wanted to, but, as we have every day we have made progress!

Here is a parting shot of the doors hung and almost finished.  He will be back this week to finish up.  Didn't he do a great job! 

Once again I am bone tired, and looking for the bathtub, and some comfort food!  Until next time, Happy Weaving, (somebody better be doing it!)  Tina


  1. It is looking better all the time! I think I have barn envy!

  2. That front door looks GREAT! I think you'll love having the dutch door there to provide some air flow in the summer. You have worked so hard on this, and it's almost done!!!

  3. Those doors are gorgeous! What a wonderful barn.

  4. Your critters will be the envy of the neighborhood. Looks great. He did do a great job on the doors.