Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Out and In!

When I saw how much yarn was in that last skein for Hubbies sweater, I thought that I would hold the rest of the black fleece, if I could, for some lace weight.

I then decided to switch my spinning energies to this Romeny wool that I processed some time last year.  It is kind of silvery with some nice heathering going on as well.  I have been dying to get some spun, but felt that I should finish some of the other stuff I had going on first.   This is 4 oz. of fluff, carded on the drum carder.  I think this should make a nice sized skein if it spins like the black did.

Here is the first days worth of spinning.

  Tuesday at Weaving, Bonnie was talking about a road trip to R & M Yarns, since she needed to pick up some yarn.  Lou Ann said that she needed to go too, since she needed to pick up some mop cording.  I happen to have a whole shelf of mop cording that has been there for 10 years or so, and since I have no need for it right now, I offered it to Lou Ann.  I went home after weaving, weighed it all and loaded it up for a quick trip to Lou Anns, happy to  have freed up a whole shelf in the studio, and planning what I was going to put there.

  I arrived at Lou Ann's and we discussed the cording, decided on an good price for it and then turned to other subjects.  A year or so ago, LA had acquired a couple of looms and a bunch of weaving stuff off of Craigslist.  She has posted many times about her go to Rug Loom John, and his many good qualities.  She may even have posted about what she has woven with all the stuff she got.  But, I don't think that she has posted much about Sally, the other loom that came with John.  Sally is a 24 inch, counterbalance, 4 harness, Glimakra.  LA has had quite the time trying to get her to work.  She even was finally weaving on her when the warp would not advance!  She said that she was going to give her one more chance and then out!  Life is too short to waste it on a cantankerous loom!  I told her that before she gave up on Sally to let me take a look at her and see if there was anything I could do to make her work.  Well, before I could say Overshot, Sally was in the back of the truck and LA said something about not letting the door hit her on the back beam on the way out!

On the way home I was trying to figure out what had just happened, and where I was going to put her.  Since she is quite a good looking loom and petite as well she has found her place in the family room.  I wondered what Hubby would say when he got home.  I got back from walking dogs to find that he hadn't even noticed that the loom was there!  I don't know how he could have missed her!

  I have pulled out my Big Book of Weaving that LA says talks all about these Swedish Looms, LA says that these looms are a different!   Next week I will be looking at her really closely to see if I can make her a productive part of the business.   I think I will start with a mug rug warp with a simple design, so that I can concentrate on getting a good shed. 

I have already cut off the sectional peg strips that were just tied on the warp beam.  I may use them at a later date, but I will have to carefully screw them into place.

Who knew when I woke up yesterday morning that I would end the day with a new clean shelf  in my studio and a new Loom in my family room!  It just goes to show you that nothing stays the same, it is always changing, and sometimes it is good changes!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Oh my, doesn't Sally look happy to be in that space!!!! And, a mug rug warp might be just the thing to get her singing her song! I love all the mop cord....I'm going to dye some for Carl's warp at the Center. I'm going to go right now and write myself another note.......

  2. Lucky you. I had told LA last year, before she tried weaving on it, that I would be glad to take it off her hands if it did not work out for her. It is a beautiful loom.