Sunday, February 13, 2011

Moving on up!

I am home from church today with a case of the cruds!  So, I thought I would update you on our progress.

We worked hard on barn related stuff yesterday and finally got the goats moved in.  I will try to get some pictures of them in their new digs when it warms up this afternoon.  I had hoped to get the dogs moved in as well but the day just didn't have any more hours of light, and I didn't have anymore energy, the cruds having taken over.

What I can show you is a picture of the roosts before we installed them.  That is just short of 15 ft of roost space. 
I can also show you the beginnings of the greenhouse.  I wanted to get the sides up so that we could store some of the old wood we want to use for greenhouse tables.

Hubby did a great job cleaning up all the stacks of old barn wood hanging around in the side yard.  We sorted thru, and saved what we needed, cut up the icky stuff for firewood and carted off the rest to our neighbor who has a place for such things, for "just in case".  The old tin roof also went to that special place as well.

This afternoon, if I am up to it,  Hubby will pound in the t-post for the dogs fences, I will fasten on the fencing, and get them moved in.  All that is left to do then is move the chickens in after dark, and let them hang out in the new coop for a couple of days, before we release them to their new fenced in area.  That way they will bond with it, and not fly the coop!  I will try to get some pictures this afternoon of all the completed pens.

The final clean-up will be a welcome job, we are so glad we have built the barn, but we are ready to get on with the other areas of our lives!

ETA: Last night, one skunk and one cat I have never seen in the traps!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I'm sure the chicks will love their new home!!! So sorry the crud has attacked, though. Take care of yourself!!!!

  2. Sorry you're feeling cruddy! A greenhouse? I'm green with envy!

  3. Get to feeling better. Things are looking great.
    Can't wait to see the greenhouse.

  4. Praying that you will get well soon.