Sunday, February 13, 2011

Goodbye Tarp City!

Chickens need a nest box to lay their eggs in.  Ideally it will be located away from the roosts and with easy access for the egg picker.  This nest box fulfills both requirements.

I put  cardboard under the roosts so that clean up will be easier.  The chickens were moved in tonight after dusk.  I only moved the young chickens, as the old ones are destined for the pot, I know not looking forward to that!  (Maybe I can get my neighbor to do the hard part.)

The goats are settled in nicely and act like they have been there for years.  Goat diner to your right!
A view of the goat yard, 32 ft x32 ft it will be expanded greatly once the big electric fences are up, but even when the fences are up I will continue to close them up at night in this pen.  It is easier for a dog or coyote to get into those electric fences than it is for goats to get out.

One doggie door coming up!

Goats and dogs, good fences make good neighbors.  The dogs have the same size yard as the goats do, 32 ft x 32 ft.  I will probably expand their yard as well when the big fences are up.

It may be tough to see, but here you can see both of the pens coming off of the barn.  The goats to the right and the dogs to the left.  To the far left you can see what is left of Tarp City.  It is now history and I hope to never see it again.  It served it's purpose, but it was at best second choice!

Happy campers!
  Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. It all looks terrific! You did a wonderful job!

  2. A five star resort for your four legged family!!! That looks so nice, and it's so well thought out! Great job!!!

  3. Wonderful! Everybody looks happy. Look at the goats on the logs. They love it. Now for your bit of rest????? Maybe.
    Happy Valentines Day.