Friday, February 4, 2011


We are really beginning to see the end of the tunnel on the barn project!  It is taking all our extra time, and energy,  so we will be glad to see the end of it.

 Here is the wall that goes from the feed room to the chicken coop area.  I have made 2 small doors so that I can collect their eggs and fill their feed hopper without entering into the coop!   It will really be nice to have everything so centrally located.
This is the nest boxes for the hens.  There will be 4 compartments, 2 above and 2 below.  This will snug up to the back of one of the little doors pictured above so there will be no back to it, that way I can open the door and reach right in.

Once that is in place I will work on the roosts, then the door, and we can call that room finished.  We will of course have to put up the fence but that isn't difficult or time consuming  just pound in the t-posts and stretch and fasten the fencing.

The feed room just needs to have the door hung, and we can bring in the feed.  Husband is setting the final 4 posts in for the last bits of wall and gates.  I had planned to do some 7 ft. gates, to save on digging post holes and cement, but I think that it will be better to have a 4 ft wall and a 3 ft gate instead.  It will just be sturdier.

It looks like tomorrow we will be able to finish up most of those jobs, and this next week I may be able to put up the fences and  start moving in the critters.  That will really be great!

In the future, when we have recovered, I plan to put a loft above the ground floor for hay storage.  I will only have about 3 ft of head room so I can't make it a solid floor the whole length, but I can have a shelf all the way around above the animal pens and leave a 3 ft space in the middle so that I can access the shelf with a ladder.
I will update tomorrow evening, Until then, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. The critters will LOVE their new digs!!!

  2. And you've got the all important barn cats..right?

  3. Very nice! Very fancy chicken condos!

  4. Oh, yes Theresa, we have 2 official barn cats, and 1 that belongs to a neighbor that comes to terrorize my 2!

  5. What a great idea for collecting the eggs. Almost done.