Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 2, or should I say Night 2

Mr. Critter Catcher returned with the cages yesterday afternoon and set them up as before. ( I asked no questions about the trio he had caught the night before.)

Last night was the first skunk smell free night in what seems like forever, when in reality it was only a few nights.  The traps were still empty this morning, though we will probably keep them up for a couple more nights, just to make sure.

We continue to work on the barn in every free moment.  Yesterday we hung the next to the last door,  I can't find the hinges for the very last door, I know I put them somewhere obvious, I just can't remember where!  We plan to do major clean up on Saturday and probably move the goats and dogs in too.  I just need to make sure we have all the extra nails and screws picked up first.

I will post on the Tuesday Weavers blog later this afternoon about the very little fiber activity that has been going on in my life these days, but I know that very soon I will be back to my normal activities once again.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, and Sweet Dreams, Tina


  1. Congratulations!!! Now the only scents are those of the goats, chickens and dogs!!! Back to normal!!

  2. Hope that you get the barn cleaned up today. It is a beautiful day for outside work.