Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coming out Party!

What I called a case of the Cruds on Sunday turned out to be a case of the flu.  I wasn't totally sure until Hubby came down with it too yesterday.  I had thought I had gotten a whiff of mold from the hay, which always gives me a bad sinus infection, but I don't think that is contagious and you don't get all the aches and pains with it either.  So I have been all cooped up with it.

Speaking of all cooped up, on Sunday, I think, I had moved the new Chickens over to the new coop to get used to the new digs, and I had planned on processing the old birds later on this month.  The problem is that I have been getting as many eggs from the old hens as from the new hens!  I hadn't counted on that!  I suppose what I will have to do is sneak the old hens over a one or two at  a time til I am not getting any eggs from the remaining ones.

I have been doing just a little bit each day toward the clean up of the yard.  I took down the old goat fencing yesterday and put it up for the chickens today.  It is only 100 ft., I will add to it later this month, but it was all I was up to anyway.  Right after I got the fencing up I took some advice from my neighbor, who suggested that I could dig a little hole under the foundation board instead of cutting into the barn siding.  I had not planned on doing this, but with Hubby on the couch and me still a little shaky, I did not feel like handling the power saw.

Once the hole was dug, it only took these two a few minutes to figure it out.  I had dug from the outside first, and then went inside and connected.  Before I could get back outside to get a picture with the sunshine, they were out.
These girls however were not very sure about all that light streaming in!   Some of them may not come out til tomorrow!

Now I need to decide who of the old hens to move over tonight, to join these girls. 

It sure was simpler the way I imagined it!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Such a simple solution....although not one that you intended!!! I know the chicks are lovin' their new digs!

  2. Glad that you are feeling better.

  3. Great new digs for the girls and everyone else too! Hope everyone gets back to feeling well again soon.

  4. I am debating about culling out part of my flock and replacing them with some new girls this year again. Like you my current ladies suddenly are laying like mad.