Friday, January 28, 2011

Today's List

We are still working some on the barn as we have time.  Yesterday Hubby, dug the post holes for the interior stalls, and I mixed concrete to fill in some other holes that already had their posts but not enough cement.  We have gotten alot better about the size of our holes as we have gone along.  We had a post hole digger, but it was not a very good one and we weren't very good at using it either.  So we dug most of the holes for the foundation with shovels, which proved to be a little hard to control the hole size.  Hubby watched a video on YouTube, and learned how to use the hole digger and he bought a really good one, it had a slightly bigger head to it so that it could get a bigger bite of the earth.  He really did a great job on the 6 holes I needed for the inside, and we will use a lot less concrete for them, yeah!  You can learn anything on You Tube!!

Today my job was to put just a little gravel in the bottoms of the holes so that there was only 12 inches of hole for the post to go into.  So that is what I did after morning chores.  This pm I think we may be setting the posts in preparation to do the walls tomorrow!  Another yeah!

When you have critters at home you have feed sacks.  Most feed sacks are of paper, but every once in awhile I run to the Tractor Supply Store that is close to my house to pick up a quick bag or two.  These bags are more of a plastic fabric or something.  I really like the colors, and I wonder if I could do something with them.  Maybe a doormat or something.  I will need a lot more of them before I have to decide so I can put that off for awhile, and let it percolate.  (And shop more at the TSS!)

Today I am also working on taxes.  It is cold in the computer room, so I am wrapped in a wool blanket that I wove ages ago and sipping hot tea, it makes the chore almost cozy!  It is always much easier than I think it is going to be, it is just that "getting started" is the hardest part! 

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Those bags are so colorful...I think they would make great totebags!!! Or, a mat would work, too!

  2. A great idea on using those bags.

  3. I've always wanted to weave something with the dang baling twine off the hay.