Friday, January 21, 2011

So simple, and yet!

I put it off, I think that it won't make that much difference after all, it is just a work sweater after all.  Nobody is going to see it except me.  I don't have time to take care of it, and on it goes.
What you can't see is that the blue of this sweater really brings out the color of my eyes and I really like it a lot, but since it is all pilled up I really shouldn't wear it in public.

So this week in a quiet moment, I brought out a razor and shaved my sweater.  You would have thought it was new!  I had to be careful of the cables but I am thrilled with it and could kick myself for not doing it sooner!  Now to tell the truth I have only done the first half of the front, but I will be able to finish it in just a few short sessions between other duties and chores.

Tomorrow we are going to have another work day on the barn.  I would love to be able to move some of the animals over as well, we will see if we can do that.  To do that, we need to get the triangle under the pitched roof and the front done as well as make some temporary inside walls with the chain link.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Until next time, don't put it off, do it now, Tina


  1. HEY!!! I've got some sweaters that need your TLC!

  2. Seriously? You SHAVED it? That's brilliant! Have fun with your barn. Mom and I will be "raising" her new garden shed!

  3. What a transformation of that sweater! You and Joyce are going to be working out in the cold! Stay warm!