Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Snow Day, or Why I need that Barn!

On particularly cold days this is how I start my morning "outside" chores.  Hot water!  2 gallons for each type of critter that I have outside.  Goats, chickens and dogs.  There is a cat outside but she gets a little water from one of the jugs. 
 The jugs go outside on the back porch, and I take them 2 at a time where they need to go.

The first to greet me is Pheobe, or Mrs. Landingham for those not well acquainted with her.  She gets her water on the porch and her food in the shed.

Here is the temporary feed storage shed, it will return to it's garden/tool shed status as soon as the barn is done.  There is hay in the basket and feed in the bucket and bags.
 I take it out to the critters, and feed the chickens first, mostly because they are the first ones I come to.

Scratch grain on the ground and I check the level of the pellets in the dogloo there behind them.
 The older hens have finally decided to join the younger hens in the coop at night.  They will have a toasty warm place in the barn with all their food and water inside.
When I get to the goat pen I have to put down the hay and feed, and fool around with their "gap" in the fence.  It is fastened with carabiners, which are really good at keeping them in, but a real pain to have to unfasten and refasten once I am inside, because they will try to get out even with the food inside!
I feed them in 2 different spots, so that instead of fighting over one place, they spend their time going between the 2 places and nobody gets too pushy.  Again in the barn they will be served their food inside.
All the while the dogs are waiting impatiently for me to get to them.  Most days we take a run, and then when they are cooled down I will feed them,  today was no exception.  (I was lucky to get such a good shot of them, they are really all over the place in anticipation!)

This is part the road we run on.  Not much traffic on a snowy day like this so,
I let them off lead for the woodsy part of our run.
(Be sure to click this pic to make it bigger, you don't want to miss the look on Wally's face!)
It is really much safer for me because I tell you there were some really slippery parts out there.  One tug too many and I could end up on my fanny!   After we pass this bit of woods it is back on lead and carefully make our way to the bridge and back, a good 2.25 mile run. 
Where the road is really slick, I run on the side where there is snow a couple of inches thick.

It is true that I will still have to haul the water, and the dogs will still be crazy with anticipation, but to have all the feeding pens under cover and within feet of the feed room is going to me marvelous!

I am still working on decluttering, just at a slower pace.  I am getting some weaving done too,  the Baby Blanket in Copper was a huge hit, I am told.  I still have some gift weaving to do, but I think that I will alternate between that and weaving for profit.  I still haven't opened an esty shop, mostly because I don't have anything to put in it!  So one piece for a gift, one piece to sell is going to be my mantra for the rest of this month.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I'm so proud of you for running in this nasty weather...please just be careful. A fall on a slick spot is NOT fun! That barn will be a big hit for all the critters...especially YOU!

  2. OK, I thought I had posted a comment but it disappeared! Tina, please be careful! I fell when I was coming back from taking hot water and feed to the goats today. It turns out I had lost one of my shoe grippers and didn't know it. I will be so glad when the extension to the deck gets built. No more going up and down the hill to the farm. Next, I would like to get electricity on the farm. Then I can use one of those heated water buckets.