Friday, December 17, 2010

Studio/Sick Room

I had to move Toni inside this week.  Not because of the cold weather, because the cats generally hang out under the house all winter, venturing out to eat, but because twice a day I have to soak and drain the abcess wound so he can heal.  (When I had to go under the house to get him, I brought him inside)  Let's just say that it is a good thing I worked as a vet tech for 6 years.  All that knowledge is not being wasted! 

 Cat bite wounds are very tricky to treat.  The wound is so small that it closes up continually, trapping all the nasties inside, so I have to make sure there is good drainage.  It is also a good thing that he is a good cat!

He is doing alot of sleeping, and that is about all.  He has had an antibiotic injection that will last for 2 weeks, so I don't have to pill him.   If I need to I  can do another injection.
Meanwhile I finished weaving the kakhi colored "Cat Paws and Snail Trails" Couch Throw, and did some sampling on the new "Kings Flower" pattern that is on the Mira 45.  I will post about the sampling on Loomy Tunes today.  

We have a wedding tomorrow, so you guessed it this Couch Throw is for the happy couple.

All I have left of the gift weaving is 4 Baby Blankets, 2 boys and 2 girls.  I thought is was only 3 but I remembered another one.  I see all this gift giving as a form of advertisment.  I have had several people express interest, just because they have seen one of the pieces I have given as a gift,  plus I don't have to shop for a gift!

Plan for the day:
Finish weaving KF Couch Throw
Hem both Throws, and wash,dry,iron,tag and wrap
Finish second scarf for the TW scarf challenge
Do some research on waffle weave for next warp

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Time 1:46 pm, ready to wash!


  1. Oh boy, yes, cat bites on cats are a devil. Plus the skin in some areas is so thin, it tears. Rodger had a terrible bite under his arm a few years ago and
    we had to keep him in and quiet for 2 weeks after the stitches were put in.
    It was a song and a prayer that kept them from tearing further. Best wishes to Toni for a speedy recovery and happy weaving with your little pal too!

  2. I'm glad that Toni gets to stay inside during this horrid weather!!! He's a lucky cat to have you. The Kings Flower is working up very nicely!!

  3. Glad Toni is inside during this cold weather. Hope he gets better soon. He is a beautifl cat.

  4. Poor Toni! Cat bites are terribly toxic. I was on IV antibiotics for five days one time when I got bit. Toni is VERY lucky you were a vet tech!!

  5. Tony is a beautiful cat! He is so fortunate to have you.

    The throws and baby blankets are so nice! Makes me wish I was on the receiving end of one of them!I really like the colors.