Monday, December 20, 2010

"Rush" Order!

I have a dear friend that ordered a Couch Throw, to give to someone special this Christmas.   I was able to go online and show them the kahki throw I did and told them that it would be closer in color to the warp but not the same, almost "tone on tone", and since I could show them both patterns, they also were able to choose the pattern they wanted.  I put tan together with the natural of the warp and I think they will really like it.

In order to keep from loosing so much of the width while I am weaving, I thought I would try to use the ancient wooden temple I have cobbled together.  I found it very distracting and time consuming.  The weft kept getting caught on my handiwork too!

  I then remembered a trick I had read about on someones blog last year!  I took some fishing line and attatched it to the front beam and the back beam, about 2 inches or so from the cloth . 

I found these paper clips to use as the anchor.  I then took some carpet warp and suspended some weight to each side of the fell line.
I believe that there are 20 washers on each side.  I compared the cloth woven with the wooden temple to the cloth woven with the weight system.  They are identical!  I have gained almost 2 inches in width by doing this.

  There is another advantage that I did not anticipate,  the fishing line and paper clip effectively keep the weft from getting tangled on the dowel that I tie onto!  Totally cool!  I had everything on hand so this cost me absolutely nothing!

I won't be able to finish the Throw today, I get to babysit this afternoon, but I should finish it completely on Wednesday, and give it to them before they go out of town on Friday.  (Boy, am I glad I finished all my Christmas Weaving early!)

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I finished my Christmas weaving this morning! Yeah! It's in the washer now...then I'll need to twist the fringe...but it feels good to get it done. Great idea with the "selvedge savers!"

  2. That is great. I am glad that you have time to do that order. See you tomorrow.