Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Berlitz Course for Non-Weaver Folk!

Dear Daughter Emily,
(Though she may never come back to this blog again!) This tutorial is for you!

When I plan a project, I am in control of what the final cloth looks like.  I choose exactly what path each thread follows in the cloth. This is a floor loom with 4 harness, the harnesses go up and down independently from each other.  I choose for each thread a harness.  On each harness there are over 100 heddles.  These heddles are a little like needles with an eye in the middle of the heddle and no points!

Every string you see here, (we like to call it Yarn)  is called an End.  Each End is threaded thru the harness heddle I choose, according to a plan I have laid out in advance. For example, I may want to do just plain cloth.  To do that I would put the first end thru a heddle in harness 1, the next thru a heddle on harness 2, then 3 and then again 4, and repeat that the whole way across.  Weavers just say, 1 2 3 4! 

 However I can get all kinds of complicated if I want to.  For example the Baby Blankets I have been working on have a completely different threading in specific places,  after some 1 2 3 4, there will be some 4 3 4 3 4, and then maybe some 1 2 1 2 1.  Anyway it is all planned out in advance. 

This warp had 480 ends to thread, and if need be, rethread.  I think I will stop here except to say that I also get to choose which harnesses goes up and which harnesses go down, each time I throw the shuttle, ( I do that with my feet!) and that is how the design is formed.
Love you Lots, Mom


  1. And that, dear Emily, is why this weaver LOVES mug rugs. I only deal with 72 threads, but I get to see that wonderful design pop up like a Christmas surprise!!!

  2. Very good tutorial. I know when I started to weave, I felt as if I was learning a whole new language.