Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Help in the Studio!

 I had a ton of fast moving help today in the Studio.  DD is wanting to see what all this weaving stuff is about, and since I have a bit of the rug warp left on the 36 inch Leclerc Mira, I thought she might want to do a Sock Looper Rug.

We set out the loopers in all their separate bags, and DD directed the kids in choosing the colors she wanted to use.
 They were moving so fast it was hard to get a picture, as well as hard to control just exactly where the loopers were going,  Once we got the two boxes full DD started chaining and the kids scattered for awhile playing with some of the toys that live at Mimi and Papa's house.  The current favorites being a bunny puppet and an alien hand that shoots a beam of light that will freeze Papa unless he isn't looking.

 After awhile DGS came back to help my wind on the 40 yard warp that is going on the new loom.  He did one whole bout and would have done more, but it was time to change spools!  I missed my chance, he is just the right height to do it too!  He listened well to instructions,  we were nearing the end of the spools and I was concerned that I would get the full 40 yards, but we did and he was so excited about it!
Here are DD first shuttles full!  Once we got that done it was time for lunch and home for a nap.  She is planning to come over on Wednesday mornings for the next little bit and get to the weaving part.  I think she will like it.

After lunch and goodbyes, I am back up in the studio winding away on that looooong warp.  I really think that it could hold twice that much and maybe next time I will shoot for more but I am already pushing it in my mind, also, Alan said that the part he is fixing for Lillian,  should be ready next week, I plan to put a 40 yarn warp on that one too!  I do love my sectional beams!

Until next time Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. I love those busy pictures!!! I can only imagine all the laughing going on.....and, you just might have "hooked" your daughter into being the new weaver at the Farmstead.

  2. What busy little bees! I am sure they are great helpers. I think it is wonderful how you are passing down the love of weaving to your daughter.

  3. You know Henry's going to be a weaver, don't you? And he'll tell his kids about the wonderful times he spent with his Mimi, weaving in her studio!