Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last day at Blackberry Farm

Today was my last day demonstrating at Blackberry Farm.   I took some pictures before the  clients came around.  This table full of sparkling glasses is really close to my table.
The grounds are decorated differently every week.  This week it was huge pumpkins by the cottage.
I call it a cottage, but that really isn't right it is more like a glorified gazebo!  This is the view from my table.
Here I am just at the top of those stairs, that fireplace was a big draw today.  It wasn't as cold as I thought it was going to be, but by the time our day was over it was getting a little uncomfortable!  I was glad to pack it up and come home.
I met some sweet people today and actually sold a rug!  I also passed out my card to several people who were interested in  ordering some napkins and placemats.  I also met the person that I had been communicating with by email, and invited her to take a look here on the blog, to see if there might be something that the gift shop might be able to carry!  We will see, I am not holding my breath. 
It is time to get going on those Baby Blankets and Couch Throws, I have several that I need to use as gifts and I need to get my stock back up.  I have one loom threaded and sleyed and I will do the second one on Monday, I worked out the heddle count today on the new pattern design .
 Tuesday Weavers is opening up a booth somewhere in Farragut, I am sure we will keep you posted about the where and when over on Loomy Tunes.  That means I need to choose what pieces I am going to put in the booth.

I am beat and looking forward to a quiet evening at home in front of the wood stove.  I hope your evening is warm and cozy.
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Friday, November 26, 2010

This Week

My DD came over again this week and she actually got some weaving done!  Last week she and the kids combined the colors they liked in 2 big boxes, and then the kids were ready for lunch and a nap!
 This week however, we had the help of  DH.  He was doing some outside chores that the kids could "help" with and then he volunteered to take them to lunch while we wove just a little while longer!  Bless Him!

I think that DD really liked the weaving process.  My theory is if I can get them hooked on the fun part they will learn to appreciate the work involved with the not so fun part.  Plus I still have some rug warp on the Mira 36 inch , that needs to come off!

While DD was busy on the Mira 36 inch, I was busy transfering the spools of carpet warp you see to the left to the warp beam you see to the right.  Now that that one is full it is on to the next loom across the room.  

I posted about the process over on Loomy Tunes, the blog that the Tuesday
Weavers keep afloat,

Just a little more and I will start the threading.
I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, and I hope your day after is as good as my is looking.
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blackberry Farm day 2

 Marta came with me this week, it was really nice having her there with me.   She did a photo journal of our day. 

You can see that the sun was not out to greet us at all that day!

I had the great pleasure of meeting a delightful friend for the first time.  We really had a great time discussing the merits of different spindles and wheels and such fibery goodness as that.  She asked me what wheel would be the best for just starting out.
 Now, you must understand that I love teaching on a spindle wheel.  It absolutely will not put the wool out of your hands!  You control the amount of tension you feel on the fiber.  (as well as in your shoulders!)  So I asked her if she would like to try out this spindle wheel I got from Gary and Carole Runyon, over at Deer Trace Farm.

She was really hesitant at first but I talked her into it.  You can see that she really seemed to be enjoying herself.  Let's face it learning to spin yarn is a little like patting your head and rubbing your stomach all at the same time!
She worked at it till she said she was a little shakey, come to find out she hadn't eaten yet!  So I sent her on her way to enjoy the wonderful lunch that the folks at BBF had prepared for them.

We also had a young girl take to weaving like a duck to water.  I happened to have the straw weaving kits from the center, and Marta showed her the ropes, she really enjoyed herself and was thrilled that she could take it with her.  Unfortunately I didn't get her picture! 

Maybe one day we will hear of a new weaver that first learned about weaving at Blackberry farm.

Then it was time for our lunch as well,  you can see the staff whipping it up for us.  We get to eat the same wonderful fare that the guests eat.  It is marvelous!  I can't wait to go back next week.  It should be cold, but no rain.  I am glad of that!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Help in the Studio!

 I had a ton of fast moving help today in the Studio.  DD is wanting to see what all this weaving stuff is about, and since I have a bit of the rug warp left on the 36 inch Leclerc Mira, I thought she might want to do a Sock Looper Rug.

We set out the loopers in all their separate bags, and DD directed the kids in choosing the colors she wanted to use.
 They were moving so fast it was hard to get a picture, as well as hard to control just exactly where the loopers were going,  Once we got the two boxes full DD started chaining and the kids scattered for awhile playing with some of the toys that live at Mimi and Papa's house.  The current favorites being a bunny puppet and an alien hand that shoots a beam of light that will freeze Papa unless he isn't looking.

 After awhile DGS came back to help my wind on the 40 yard warp that is going on the new loom.  He did one whole bout and would have done more, but it was time to change spools!  I missed my chance, he is just the right height to do it too!  He listened well to instructions,  we were nearing the end of the spools and I was concerned that I would get the full 40 yards, but we did and he was so excited about it!
Here are DD first shuttles full!  Once we got that done it was time for lunch and home for a nap.  She is planning to come over on Wednesday mornings for the next little bit and get to the weaving part.  I think she will like it.

After lunch and goodbyes, I am back up in the studio winding away on that looooong warp.  I really think that it could hold twice that much and maybe next time I will shoot for more but I am already pushing it in my mind, also, Alan said that the part he is fixing for Lillian,  should be ready next week, I plan to put a 40 yarn warp on that one too!  I do love my sectional beams!

Until next time Happy Weaving, Tina

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday at Blackberry Farm

I thought I would show you a few shots from my day at Blackberry Farm.  The sun on these apples was just too cool to pass up!

They run these apples thru an apple press, and you can drink the most wonderful apple cider imaginable!  They even have some hot! 

The weather was way beyond wonderful.  The sun was shining, there were a few leaves still rustling in the trees, and the preparations for the 75 guests to come to the outdoor venue were in progress.

They set up tables in the sunshine and they also had some tables under cover.

 The campfire was lit with care, and I could smell the good food cooking
in the outdoor kitchen and grills.
I had a picnic table to set up my Rugs and Baby Blankets, Placemats and runners, and finally breadcloths and handspun yarn.
There was a delightful quilter set up next to me, we really had a good time, and I could tell she had done this thing for quite some time.  Her quilts were lovely and some of them were antiques that she has come across!

I did very well at this demonstration, I sold 3 Baby Blankets, 2 sets of 2- Placemats, and 2 Breadcloths.  That was all in about 2 hours, so I felt really good about the whole thing. 
 I saw one of the gardeners shelling these beans, and I asked if I could take a picture.  He said that they were Reverand Taylor Butter Beans from Alabama, and originated in the 1800's.  I know that they sell them on the Blackberry Farm website if anyone is interested.
I am half way thru putting together the new 36 inch wide Leclerc Mira that I "purchased" on Friday.  I have still got to put the harnesses on and double check the braking system.  I hope to finish that and get started on winding that 40 yard warp!  This loom has a sectional beam which I love, but it is in 1 inch sections.  I am used to the 2 inch sections, I wonder if I can thread thru the tension box and leave a gap where one of the spoke sets could fit thru?  I don't have any experience with this, and would appreciate any feed back.

Today DH, DD, and I ran the Knoxville Buddy's 5K (3 miles) race for cancer.  It was a really good time though it was chilly and drizzley.  Who would have thought this time last year that I would be running races!  We got finished and DH asked me if I wanted to run the 8K (5 miles) race on Thanksgiving day!  I still haven't decided.  That is only like 2 weeks away!  The farthest I have run is 4.4 miles, and that was just last week.  I probably will, but I am not sure I will be able to run the whole thing without walking.
We got home late and I had to feed the disgruntled animals in the dark!  In fact I need to finish up and let the little goats back out since they have probably finished their ration, so the big ones won't kick them out, and scarf it up!
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Friday, November 12, 2010

What's Missing?

You might wonder what in the world I am doing at the Walmart parking lot at mid-day waiting.

I am waiting for Bonnie from Tuesday Weavers to come and fill the back of my truck up with her loom that she has decided needs a home that will love and use her to the max!

From Loomy Tunes you might remember that Bonnie got a new loom last week and I coveted her old loom very much, because I need the extra width that it has to make my Overshot Baby Blankets.

With Lillian in the shop, I was wondering how I was going to get another warp on fast enough to keep producing those popular blankets.  So some creative financing, and here you go.......
Now that is better, you can't have too many looms now can you.  When Lillian is in working order, I will have 2 looms to do the blankets on, that means 2 different designs can be on the looms at once!  Yes,  of course I will only be able to weave one at a time.  I have't figured how to clone me yet!
Just thought I would let you all know about the new arrival.
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Looking ahead

I am very pleased with the look and feel of the Baby Blankets I have been working on.  (You can see them over on Loomy Tunes, on the Friday posts. Or on my completed projects page,)   And as I come to the end of the 15 yard sampling warp I put on a couple of months ago, I started thinking about how to proceed.

I really like the Cat Paws and Snail trails Overshot pattern, so I will continue with that for awhile.  The next thing to consider is  how much warp to put on.  I recently bought 40 cones of natural 8/4 cotton to add to the 20 I had ordered last month.  So I have plenty of it.  I also still have 24 cones with around 400 yards each.  I had considered doing a 20 yard warp but then I would have to turn around and do it again before long.  So, a 40 yard warp is what I settled on.  I can always change the pattern if I really get sick of it!

As I was advancing the warp the other day I noticed that one of the cross pieces on my sectional back beam is giving way, just a little bit!  I will get these last 2 Blankets off and take that sectional beam to weaving with me on Tuesday and see if Alan can fix it for me. I don't want to stress it with a 40 yard warp if it is already failing.   It will give me time to work on my other looms, and the projects that are due in December, like the Mug rug and Mug Christmas present, and the Scarf Challenge, which is on the loom, just not how I want it yet, it still needs some tweaking.
That's about it from here for now,  until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Friday, November 5, 2010

How things change

 I am amazed at how yarn can look so different when it is packaged  in different ways.  Here to the left are the pearl cotton blanks I dyed last Saturday.

To the right I have the same yarn in a skein.  It is really making me think about what I want to do with it.  I had thought I would use it as weft, but more and more I am thinking about trying to use it as a warp for a shawl.  I think it will give me some really cool stripes in the warp.  There are over 1300yds in the big teal and red skein.  I am busy with other things right now but come January I may have some time to play with this.

Another shot of the same skein.  I only used three colors, teal, tangerine and purple, but I got so many other colors as well.  I am thinking about what kind and what color yarn to use as weft if I do the shawl, maybe black pearl cotton, or bamboo.  I can't give it my attention right now, but come January......

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dye Day Results!

This is what I started with, a mess of pearl cotton in an oatmeal beige and a rosy beige.  Colors that I just didn't have a use for.  On Saturday The Tuesday Weavers had a Dye Day!  I had the pearl cotton knitted up in blanks since I wanted to use it as weft and not warp.

I had a bit of an advantage today, for the rinse out.  I just threw it all in the washer and set it on gentle cycle.

It should be dry by this evening, I will take it tomorrow to the Center and we can compare all of our results together.  It will surely be a picture packed day tomorrow!                                                                                                 Until then, Happy Weaving, Tina