Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday morning

The Breadcloths that I wet finished last night were almost dry early this morning when I got up.  I let them hang there while I put the Placemats in the tub to soak.

Then I went about my usual, laundry, feed animals, walk/run dogs routine.  When I got back home the Placemats were ready to hang up.  I can't find my other clothes rack so I tossed the Breadcloths in the dryer for a few.

Here is a good pic of the Rep Weave Placemats and Runners I wove off awhile ago.  I think I have 6 Placemats and a Runner.  I got the idea for this pattern from an Inkle Weave pattern!
These are items I finished weaving months ago, and they have been hanging around nagging at me the whole time to finish them already!

Starched and ironed on both sides, these babies are ready for the sewing machine and cutting board.  I have to carefully stitch down both sides of the dividing threads so that I can safely cut them apart.  I will then machine hem them, then run them thru the washer and dryer til almost dry.  I will then iron them into submission, checking again for errors, then they will be ready to tag, and sell. 

 I will not get to all that today.  There is a wedding in my DIL family, and we get to do a spot of babysitting.  These are our Texas grandbabies and we appreciate every moment we can spend with them.

My first Baby Blanket is going out as a gift.  I gave the first Couch Throw as a Wedding gift last night.  You can see some of the process I have been following over on Loomy Tunes, I am the Friday blogger there.  These 2 articles were my "sampling pieces"  and while both of them were great, and I wish you could feel how soft they are, they are not the size that I am going for in my retail shop.  So out they go to bless someone else while I plug away at the full sized ones.


  1. You are very busy! Gorgeous work. Have a great weekend with your grandbabies, but I wish you could be with us demonstrators!

  2. I missed you demo buddy!!! But you have been very busy (plus grandbabies trump demonstrating any day!!!) Don't forget that you have already SOLD one of those bread cloths!!!