Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New things!

Last post, I was troubled by a carpet that kept scooting all over the place as I wove.   I was in search of some boards to put at the front of my looms when I realized that both of my benches have rather large feet. 

This bench was made by a fellow Tuesday Weaver, and it gives me quite a bit of wiggle room!

This bench is a little narrower and I really have to sniggle in there, but let me tell you, it has really made a difference in how my weaving feels, and I am sure that I can really pack it in much more than before!  This loom is working on some Overshot Baby Blankets that I am posting about on Fridays on Loomy Tunes.

My Daughter is a Graphic Design Artist.  She has been working with me on these new lables.  I really love them.  She designed one for each article I make.   I am printing them at home on some cardstock that Lou Ann gave to me, wasn't that sweet!

 I have begun to put my finished articles in this sweet shelf unit my SIL made for me.  I have told my DH that, contrary to our normal behavior, nothing is to go on that flat surface!  (Though I may put my handspun there.)  I fear that this is going to quickly become too small!  I don't think I have room for the rugs and placemats and bread cloths I have woven and not finished yet!  That is going to be a sweet problem to take care of. 

I found some fresh hens to add to my flock of layers.  Mine are so old (3-5 years) that I cannot keep up with my customers demand.  I brought home 8 this afternoon, and tomorrow I will get some pictures to show them off.  They all look wonderfully healthy, and are only 6 months old.  So I should get plenty eggs!  There are some real beauties in this bunch.  My favorite is a Silver Laced Wynadotte.

Thanks for checking in and watching my slow progress. 
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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  1. Don't you just love it when your loom traps you!!! It keeps you in place just a little bit longer....LOL! You've got some nice stock built up...I'm looking forward to seeing your handspun! New chicks???? ....more eggs!