Friday, October 8, 2010


Over on Loomy Tunes I had made these big plans to finish the blue Baby Blanket and then do another one at least.  Well I must tell you that by the time I had finished the blue one, my backside had decided that I needed to do something else!

I looked around and found a pile of finishing that really was as important as the baby blankets were.  I set right to it.  I fixed the errors on the placemats, and the bread cloths.

Here the cloths are soaking even as I type!  I will hang them up when I am done here.

The rep weave placemats may need to wait until tomorrow for their bath but it's a coming their way!

I also have a roll of the rag rugs that are woven as well.  Tomorrow I will tackle that job while the placemats soak.
I some how feel  like I have done beyond what I had imagined for the day.  All because I really  needed to change it up!  I think I will explore this tactic further.

That is all for now, Happy Weaving, Tina

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  1. The "finishing" is not my favorite part...especially if it involves hemming! I won't comment on how many things I have downstairs that need to be finished up!