Saturday, October 23, 2010

Festival Prep!

The  handwork is done!  I blogged yesterday on Loomy Tunes that I just had to buckle down and get it done.  There were Rugs and Bread Cloths and Placemats that needed to be hemmed!

I still need to press the Bread Cloths and tag them, but the Rugs are all tagged and on the shelves ready to go, as are the Placemats and Runner.

 Before I tagged  them however, I took time to inventory every single piece I had.  I already had some that would need new tags too.  I counted more than $1,000.00 worth of inventory!  I am in shock!  I had no idea, and that is not even counting the Baby Blankets I am doing right now.

I am getting ready to demonstrate at Blackberry Farm in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.  I went last year and while I didn't sell anything, I really had a good time.  This year I hope to have a greater variety of things to offer.  I am taking more than double what I took last time.   I will be demonstrating the last 3 Saturdays in November.  This isn't really a show or anything like that, but it will be interesting to see what kind of interest we get.
After that is over I will open an etsy page and see if there is any interest in what I have to offer.  I am really pleased with the Baby Blankets I have been working on.  In fact I am planning to concentrate on them, and Couch Throws for the next year or so to see if something as simple as that can be my Thing!  They are incredible soft and squishy, and warm too!  I was able to hold a baby in one of them this last week.  It was so cool to see something that I have made look so good, and be admired too.  My Daughter took a picture or two and I have permission to use them in advertising.  I will post one so you can see what they look like in use, as soon as I can, they are stuck in her I phone.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Gorgeous stuff! Good luck selling them; who could resist them?

  2. Pick me out one of the bread cloths....I'll bring money on Tuesday!!!