Saturday, October 16, 2010

Farm Stuff

We have been doing a bunch of outside chores to get ready for winter.  We don't really have harsh Winters usually here, but every once in awhile we will get slammed with  a good one!
The stack of wood above is the wood we got this year.  This one here to the right is the wood left over from last year.  I usually try to get the wood earlier in the Spring, but just didn't get to it this year.  I think we will be fine.
Mostly because we have all these bucked pieces to split with a splitter!  A bunch of this is Elm, and there is no way we are going to try to split by hand!  It is like it is glued together!
I have used this outhouse for many things, a place to put the cat food, a hen house, and now it is a garden shed.  The only thing you can be sure I haven't used it for is a bathroom!
Mopsie and Snickers are enjoying their time in the chicken pen, grazing down all that grass and weeds.  I am getting ready to seperate them to a new plot of grass, probably on Monday.

I will be picking up a buckling from Linda this week, I am also going to take his brother which will have been wethered, to keep him company when he isn't supposed to be in with the girls.
Now for the promised chicken photos!  This hen is a Silver Laced Wyandotte.  I think she is the prettiest of the bunch.  She does have an unusually short beak however and I will have to keep my eye on that.
This one is a Colombian Wyandotte.
This is a mixture of Silver Laced Wyandotte, and Black Australorpe, and she is the only one I cannot keep in the pen!
And here in preparation of the long winter months are 15 bales of hay.  I will be going back for more this week.  Linda tipped me off on a good deal!  Thanks Linda!

Until next time, Happy Weaving , Tina


  1. Do your new hens lay brown eggs, too? Speaking of which, I should be ready for another dozen!!! I'm hoping you won't need all that firewood this winter...last winter was a doozy!

  2. Yes indeed, different shades of brown. I will let you know when I have some, as they are just now starting to lay.

  3. Ok, I am catching on to all this goat talk. The chicken with the short beak is very unusual and pretty. I am with LouAnn, I sure hope you don't need all that wood. We have had such strange weather this year so far-----I wouldn't be suprised----. I am not going to say it.

  4. I'm just in awe that you don't need much more than 15-30 bales of hay.
    Wanna a horse? ;)

  5. No horses! They never stop eating!