Monday, October 18, 2010

Make way for bucklings!

I went to pick up the bucklings today.  My friend and I met Linda in Norris, at the center where we weave.
We loaded up in Linda's car and went to her friend Patti, who lives not far away.   There was a little work to do before I could take them home.  They both needed their ears tattooed, and one of them need to be "fixed", or as we say in the goat world, wethered.  Nobody needs 2 closely related bucks on a small property, and one does need a companion for the buck when his services are not needed at this time, thank you very much.
 This is a picture of their Sire.  He is rather plain looking but he throws wonderful colors in his offspring.  He also has blue eyes which are very prized in the Nigerian Dwarf world.

 You can see the splashes of white on the rear of that buckling in the carrier at right.  The wether is further back in there.  I had just gotten them home and had opened the door.

They were soon knee deep in untouched grass and loving it.  Before I left to have lunch with my buddy, they were eating grass, peeing, pooping, and talking with the lady goats in the pen across the yard.

I will keep them separate, for a little while so that the boys can get used to being here, away from their mom and all.  Then we will introduce the girls, probably the younger of the two first to get aquainted.  In a month or 2 the buckling should be ready to do his job, and they can all stay together til just before the young ones come.  It should be fun, pray for doelings!
Until next time, Happy grazing, Tina


  1. What a busy afternoon! Lots of talking through the fence!!!

  2. Oh, my. Lots to do with their care. They are so cute.