Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation Knitting

It would be difficult to pack up my weaving looms to take with me, though I could probably bring my handwork to finish up.  Not going to happen!  That means that my knitting will be coming with me on vacation.
I always try to have a project that I can work on in the car, something I don't have to think about too much.  This pair of socks is really just about done.  I have a back up skein of yarn to cast on a new pair.  I have been trying to use sport wt. yarn for the last little bit.  I am so hard on socks that I wear them out way to fast!  I am hoping that these heavier socks will last me longer.

This shawl pattern is from Meg Swansons, "A Gathering of Lace".  I am replacing one of the 14 stitch patterns with one that I think I will like better.  I just had to hunt for a different 14 stitch pattern amongst my bigillion knitting books til I found one.  This is to be my big vacation project. It will contain thousands of stitches, and the beauty of knitting lace is that almost every other row is a plain knit row, mindless knitting at its best!  I brought back up yarn for this too, just in case I finish, yeah right!

So off we go on our adventure,
Happy Weaving, and Knitting, Tina


  1. I always giggle when I see those little needles sticking out of purses when I'm out. You know it's socks when there are 3 (or more) little needles!!!! Too bad my wolf pup won't fit in my purse.....

  2. Oooh! I love the beginning of the shawl! I love lace!