Monday, August 9, 2010


I am doing some sampling for the overshot pillows.
I started using the purple, which is a single strand, aproximatley double the thickness of the warp.  I was not happy with the coverage, so I switched to a double strand of the blue, then half way thru the pattern repeat I went for 3 strands of the blue. I like it a little better.

I was then comparing what I was getting on my samples with the book, I realized that what she did on the sample and what was in the diagram were not exactly the same!

This is what I am getting.                                             This is the diagram from the last post

Some of the treadling has been left out.  I also seem to be having a hard time beating hard enough on this loom.  I can see by comparing the pictures that the second repeat in blue has the table correctly treadled, but I am not getting the double ovals between the tables.  It is so much easier to see in the photos than in real life.  Even looking at it thru the camera really helps me to see my errors.

If I can get back to this today I will post and updated picture, once I get the kinks worked out.

Happy Weaving, Tina


  1. Hey Tina....
    What does the back look like?????

  2. The back is as it should be. LOL! I thought about that too! I just blindly followed her treadling and didn't even think it thru! I am babysitting now tip this evening, but DH has a meeting, so I should get back to it this evening.

  3. Hey!!! I've done that pattern! On the turquoise-blue-green challenge from the center a couple of years ago, and I was also kind of shocked how differently it came out than the pattern. Sampling is good, huh?