Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting Started

When I first began to contemplate starting my own handweaving business, I began to order outrageous (to me) amounts of supplies,  My first order of carpet warp is what you see here. 

I began to get nervous and decided that that was not enough, so I ordered some more!

There that is better.

Then I needed something to use as weft, and Hilary over at Crazy as a Loom had a sale going on.  I ordered a lot of loopers.

I sorted loopers for  a couple of days, I wouldn't have sorted if they were all going to be for me, but I was splitting this order with one of my weaving buddies over at Loomy Tunes.  So I sorted and split the order 50/50 with her.

Add a bunch of fabric rolls, and you have a studio packed full of stuff.

I already had a few bins full of fine handweaving yarn so I was ready. 

I retired from a low paying job as a Vet Tech/ Reseptionist, and have been working  towards  finding something to weave that no one else is doing.  Sure I will do the rugs, (I have all that weft after all) but my buddy LA has come up with an idea that I think just might be my thing.  It involves Carpet warp and Overshot, what's not to love!
I will be using this blog to get me motivated!  I have found that posting weekly on the Loomy Tunes blog sure gets me going, and I really like the creative thinking it makes me do.  So there you have it, come grow along with Farmstead Studio.

That's me and LA out demonstrating at BlackBerry Farm in Townsend, TN, I am spinning some yarn for a sweater I am going to knit for my DH, on the Louet S-10.  I love those huge bobbins!

Happy Weaving, Tina

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  1. I know you do beautiful overshot...and not many people are lucky enough to have a coverlet handed down from their great-grandmother! And, to have a coverlet that you can just throw in the washer (especially after the dog/cat has just wallered on it) is a big plus. Heck, girl! Just run it up the flag pole and see who salutes!